European Foulbrood

We have just been notified that Beebase have identified European Foulbrood in colonies in south Huntingdonshire. Please be aware that if you have hives in the Papworth Everard, Eltisley, Yelling, Croxton, Great Gransden area or collect swarms or purchase bees from this area that you remain vigilant with your inspections and biosecurity.

Quarantining newly acquired bees away from your existing hive is strongly recommended generally but with any incidences of reported EFB disease, please be wary of swarms of unknown provenance, even if they can be quarantined.

The latest report on Beebase by the National Bee Unit shows that 23 incidence of EFB were identified in Cambridgeshire between April and June this year. For comparison in neighbouring counties, in the same period there was 1 in Bedfordshire, 0 in North Hertfordshire, 7 in Northamptonshire, 0 in Lincolnshire. Only  Norfolk had more cases at 26 incidents.

This is a timely reminder to familiarise yourself with the symptoms of European Foulbrood (and other diseases), review your apiary biosecurity precautions and register your colonies on Beebase ( so that you can be notified of disease in your area.

The National Bee Unit website has some clear and simple guides on disease identification and lots of advice for both new and experienced beekeepers on beekeeping in general.

More details about the National Bee Unit and contacting your Regional Bee Inspector if you need any help or advice regarding disease issues can be found on the HBKA website members area.

Helen Swain, Chair