Huntingdonshire Beekeepers’ Association

HBKA Swarm Collection 2022

HBKA offer members and the public a swarm collection and distribution service. This is designed to remove swarms wherever possible and relocate them in a member’s hive asap so that they are not lost to nature.

Peter Gould has volunteered to co-ordinate the swarm collection service this year.

Members Needing Bees in 2022

Request Procedure

If you require a new colony please email your request direct to Peter Gould at

  1. Email and tel numbers – preferably include a mobile
  2. Number of swarms or colonies required
  3. Confirm hive(s) ready to receive bees at time of request
  4. Type of hive to be colonised e.g. BS, BS Deep, Top Bar, Langstroth.
  5. Type of colony that will be acceptable – e.g. Swarm as collected i.e. loose; swarm on frames (possibly up to 24 hours since collection) or a Nucleus (inc laying queen but see notes below re cost).
  6. Any known absences e.g. holidays during period March to June.

By registering your requirement for bees you accept that unless the swarm is your first after completing the 2022 HBKA Beginners Course you will pay a deposit of £25 for each swarm requested to the HBKA BACS account please identify your payment with the words ‘Swarm Deposit’.

If on 31st August 22 you have not had a swarm from HBKA sources the deposit will be returned.

PG will check membership, record your request and acknowledge receipt. Each request will be given a priority as follows:

  • Priority 1 for Beginners;
  • Priority 2 for all other Members

Please make sure you let us know if you get bees away from this process.

Swarm Collectors 2022

Members are asked to volunteer as collectors at renewal of membership; HBKA Web site has a swarm page with a Freefone number 08000 996 997. This number will be advertised on social media and will contact PG directly.

Peter Gould will use a swarm collector whats app group to contact the nearest known collector and provide up to 3 contact numbers for those members on the swarm request list (as above). The collector will attempt to contact one of the three and arrange for onward movement of the swarm.

If the swarm does not stay at its new home it is important that the recipient tells Peter asap as he will have removed your name from the list. If you obtain bees from elsewhere please let Peter know via freefone number above so he may remove you from the list thus making life easier for collectors.

Nucleus Colonies

There will be several members and the HBKA Apiary creating splits to ease their hives swarming tendencies. The apiary splits may be made available via the apiary manager. HBKA will charge £40 each for 5 frames assuming queen is laying with the box being returned with wired wax foundation made up frames. A deposit of £40 is required marked Nuc and surname.  Contact  If you wish to sell a split you may charge what you wish – it will be a private arrangement between supplier and customer.  Moira will have a list of people requesting bees if you have a surplus nuc to sell.

Swarm Viability

It is not expected that every swarm can or will be collected. We will do our best to remove swarms but only if safe and not incurring any damage to property. All collectors will decide at the time if they are willing to attempt collection. HBKA do not insure members for swarm removal so any damage to property is the owners’ responsibility. Advice as to viability of collecting a swarm may be obtained from Peter Gould who will tend to take the fail- safe line in response.

In general, Peter will only undertake to send a collector to a swarm if it is not likely to be hazardous or in a building.

Queries or Problems about this process please contact Peter Gould.